Hot Tools

Hot Tools® Curling Irons were the first irons in the industry to use an electronic heating system for fast heat-up and heat restoration. This patented Pulse Auto Heat Control® provides the user an iron that keeps its heat so stylists can work quickly and with consistent curl results. Our Specialty Irons provide stylists with the right tool to create a wide variety of special curl types that are popular in today’s hair fashions, along with select flat irons for straight sleek looks.

Pulse Technology® – Every Hot Tools iron Gets Hot…Stays Hot® due to patented electronic heating systems and powerful heating capacity. The system quickly diagnoses heat loss and restores it to the heating surface, reducing styling time, increasing hold and improving shine due to improved cuticle closure.

Nano Ceramic® implements the use of nano technology along with ceramic ingredients. Nano technology is a method of processing the ceramic ingredients and applying it in nano-sized particles to the plates. This increases the effectiveness of the ceramic because an increased surface area of this active ingredient becomes exposed and a greater benefit is gained.

Ceramic’s far-infrared heat goes through the cuticle directly to the cortex. The cuticle is not overheated, shine is increased, and moisture is preserved.

Tourmaline’s negative ions help lock-in moisture for enhanced hydration and reduced frizz.

Titanium provides excellent durability under high heat has excellent corrosion resistance, and a super-hard smooth surface for snag-free styling and even heat distribution. In its unalloyed condition, titanium is as strong as some steels, but 45% lighter.

Nano Silver is an agent known to be a natural bacteriostat.