Série Expert


Série Expert, a complete haircare system with exclusive home care regimens and in-salon treatments, features innovative molecular precision technology. The advanced technology behind this range allows formulas to target specific parts of the hair to help deliver long-lasting results. With a range for every hair type, Série Expert provides the nourishing protection needed to achieve beautiful, healthy looking hair.

Molecular Precision Technology

Molecular Precision Technology

Série Expert’s Advanced Molecular Precision Technology enables patented active ingredients to target and treat the unique needs of each of the three different zones of the hair fiber: the surface, the cuticle and the cortex, which is the very heart of the hair strand.


This is the external part of the hair, the only part you can actually see. Too much styling or brushing can damage the tiny scales that make up the hair’s surface, which can make it look dull and lifeless. Série Expert works on Zone A to give the hair’s surface enhanced shine and smoothness.


The cuticle is made up of inter-cellular cement that holds the scales of the hair cuticle together. Heat, pollution and other external forces can weaken the hair by damaging the cuticle. Série Expert targets Zones A and B to help increase resistance to everyday damage.


The cortex is at the heart of the hair and is the most critical to maintain hair health and long term beauty. It makes up about 90% of the hair fiber and if damaged, can become exposed, resulting in increased breakage. Série Expert haircare penetrates the hair to the core to target Zone C and helps to fortify the hair fiber.


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